Do the Whirlwind

Me, a chair, and my grad outfit.  Is that floor filth from a crazy party? Or were those dust bunnies kicked up during the moving process? I’LL NEVER TELL (it’s the latter).

This past month has been quite the whirlwind. Zoom! My finals are over. Whoosh! My students’ grades are turned in. Kablamo! I graduated. Zappo! The apartment is dismantled and packed up. Tomorrow I fly coast-to-coast for a summer in California, while Christopher drives a moving truck to New Jersey.  After three months apart (which I’m hoping will be another whirlwind), we’ll move to New York City!  Jeepers creepers, what a life.

Laura, my office-mate, syllabus-partner, and favorite fellow pop culture nerd. I’ll miss you! Visit us in New York! 

Another look! I was the only graduate to wear motorcycle boots during the ceremony. I feel like I should get an extra degree for that.

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6 thoughts on “Do the Whirlwind

  1. I adore that first picture and I love how you said F.U. to the obligatory, flowery graduation dress and went all bad ass in body con and boots. You look amazing! ALSO… I am so jealous you are moving to NYC, it’s one of my fave places to visit and I will always regret not living there as a youngster that didn’t need space.

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