Grow a Garden. On your Head.

When Nest and I were little kids (and ok, when we were older too), we spent a lot of time pretending to be faeries and witches.  Nest’s mom—who is extremely cool—would take us to the craft store, where we would pool our meager dollars to buy glass bottles in which to put “potions.”  These potions were usually a combination of leaves, water, cheap perfume, glitter, hand soap and whatever else we decided had magical elements or simply added a cool color to our concoctions.

Easy breezy blossom head.

We typically brewed these potions on the shore of the creek that ran by Nests’s house, where we would also construct elf houses out of twigs and look for sticks that could be used as witchy wands.  Everything seemed to have magical potential, and we wore our belief in that magic on our sleeves—often literally, in the form of daisy-chain bracelets.

I’m from Santa Cruz, so hippie hairstyles are to be expected.

I include all this ruminating on childhood nature romps to explain one thing, which is that I strongly believe that sticking flowers and leaves in your hair is always a good idea.  It might make me look like a wannabe wood nymph or renaissance fair fanatic, but so what?  It’s the easiest hairstyle in the world (step 1: go outside, step 2: grab some nature and throw it atop your noggin) and it automatically makes your head infinitely more interesting than every other plain ponytail out there.

So that’s my expert advice for the day.  Put a daisy behind your ear.  Tie a branch around your head.  Balance a river rock on your forehead and send me a picture.

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